Who do you think you are?


Stepping out from behind the mask of ‘Artmani’, Luc Waring brings his bold and controversial debut solo show to Imitate Modern this July. ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ shows Luc’s personal journey as an artist, with an exploration of themes such as modern society, identity and celebrity culture resonating through the collection. Luc’s bold and beautiful ideas take centre stage in this refreshing and raw body of work that displays his versatility as an artist with an array of etchings, sculptures, spray painted canvases and oil paintings.

Luc’s artistic career sparked with his involvement in a group show at the prestigious Courtauld gallery, where his works were exhibited alongside industry idols such as Claude nMonet and Vincent Van Gogh. Soon after, Luc followed in the footsteps of these old masters and rejected the academic conventions of the fine art world to create his own ambitious and individual style, which saw him breaking into the contempary art scene cloaked by the alias ‘Artmani’. ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ sees a transgression in Luc Waring’s work and offers the public an opportunity to see his vastly diverse body of work all at once.

At the tender age of 19, Luc has already gained recognition for his thought-provoking imagery, and his elegant play with consumerism and branding. ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ offers an insight into the inquisitive mind of the artist and shows a full body of work from his career so far – a visual retrospective of all the different themes Luc has tackled head first . From political puns to celebrity wise-cracks, this exhibition is bursting with a fiery social commentary from tirelessly tenacious Luc as he points to the public and asks ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’.






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