Personalised is ultra chic


what is more chic than a Vuitton or a Goyard?

A personalised Vuitton or Goyard!

If you are the lucky soon-to-be-owner of one of a luxury handbag you should check if their offer the service. Most of the Maison now does and i have to say it’s look amazing!

And you never know when you memory will let you down so a little reminder of your name is always welcome!


1- Louis vuitton

the app is really great and easy to use, only problem is you want to buy all sizes!

Louis vuitton

2- Goyard

My favourite, this bag has been designed to have initials on it! it lo0ks even better!

The app is beautiful and you have a lot of colours available.

Goyard bag

3- Longchamp

For the one who already designed their Nike you will feel it’s the same app.

Really easy and you can custom everything!


4- Aspinal

Classic and discreet, Aspinal offer to engraved your initials an all their collection.

Beautiful gift, even for men!



Who has a personalised handbag??

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