Pieces not to miss – ZARA Spring 15



We are in March, sun is shinning and we are craving for buying new clothes! Every season one of the first shopping stop is obviously Zara, we love their gentle prices, they “inspiration” from designers and the fact that you have newness constantly.

But every season there are some strong pieces to die for, so don;t miss it and buy it now before they get sold out!

6538005806_2_2_1 2266873250_2_1_1 2218231504_1_1_1 2229624251_2_3_1 7901053070_1_1_1 5646015427_1_1_1 2331374712_1_1_1 1502002000_1_1_1 1502009000_1_1_1 1502010000_1_1_1 1502011000_1_1_1 1502013000_1_1_1




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  1. It’s a great idea to shop now I hate when you plan to shop an item later and than when you go on that day, the item isn’t there

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