EYEKO: Bespoke for your eyes


What is more luxurious than a product done just  for us? As all celebs, do you dream to have your own beauty line made especially for your skin?

Meet my new obsession: EYEKO

“It’s about talking it to an expert – the couture compared to the ready-to-wear. Everyone is still looking for their ultimate mascara.”

– Nina Leykind –

founder of Eyeko cosmetics

Eyeko is the new trendy mascara brand offering an amazing service of bespoke Mascara. Alexa Chung is already a huge fan!

How does it work? You will talk with a lash stylist and a mascara editor for 15 minutes and after few questions they will create the perfect mascara for you.

At the end you will have your bespoke Mascara in a personalised box for only £28.

This is an exclusivity at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge


w-featured-image-eyeko eyeko-mascara_3221449a alexa-chung-box_3221429a Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 14.08.01 bespoke-alexa2

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