Life in Neon – Vibrant home


Keep Calm and Colour your life

Whaaaaaat? you don’t have a touch of neon in your home?

Finish the time of all in white, pastel are too 2014 and Black  looks good only on credit cards anymore.

Say hi to Flashy Neon colours: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange…

The secret to decorate your home without looking like a kindergarden  it’s too do it little touch by little touch, it can be quite scary at the beginning but once you start you can’t stop and trust me your home will look so dynamic and far from boring!

d09ae4cc6e9d8e80581b09ec369abe28 510628e6ad77d8261d1292ada37d4fe7  c38b9db8c22d732628e30b3d18a655e36f621ae32aa29801c71770b8d952f43e 08dc10edb672895e578d8df65ed54ccd dd65c35c85d45ad1210e75123665b295 a1d140b3316f73dc058dd672751b2450 7b3798c7165cf8f108fa993227bdfd6f f035a1f41f7ccaa8ecad7853a15d42db d809b0d56a582191ad01ad16fd29037e 03cb1591502cb7f1464dc12b0fe11ff0 72088ff1819026a57aa3b713c9e21af7


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