Twist your classics

lineofstyke blog twist classic

 -A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls –

Coco Chanel

Every season there is a new trend, a new colour, a new IT bag … how exhausting and so much money spend.

Time to invest in classics, timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe. Every girl should have:

– a leather jacket (Biker style)

– some pearl (i love the ones from Pearl&Clasp , amazing price for a good quality)

– a little black dress

– a Designer bag (ok we all dream about the 2.55 or the Birkin but a little Moschino will do the job perfectly!)

Now you ready to rock and twist your classics!

47bab5debe05bc0708f9f96e8d4c0872 3bdf233aa8146b902198979ee6212a84 ad57465c540046ffcdaf64cebaa07126 pearl-lineofstyle c057edddbfa379795c27b08c974d5ec2 17ed72582ac6ef0c9355ac074c4ece19 a38a87c7df0917086801d58873c8bb53 a9aa6508378169167cc878ea27ced7e7 48d4fb211ca4aff8fc4e099837d1cfcd 2847b2ade277a275b8acaba0e1d0fd2b



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